Why do we stop really investing in our marriage the day that we get married? Why do the flowers stop? Why does the dating stop? Why does making a big deal of your love taper off? While I'm a firm believer that the beauty of marriage is in the ordinary, I also believe our society doesn't lift up marriage post wedding day enough. 

Thus... the anniversary experience was born.

The anniversary experience isn't an updated engagement session, it's not even a normal portrait session... it's so much more. It's a marriage intensive. It's falling in love again. It's flirting. It's dressing up and going out. It's proudly wearing your spouse on your arm. It's about being intentional, and having some beautiful images to show off your intentionality.

β€œTo love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.”
– Les Miserables



The anniversary experience is not something that you'll find anywhere else. This session is uniquely crafted to invest in your marriage, encourage romance & reflection, and leave your marriage feeling refreshed and encouraged. 

Your investment includes: preparation for your time with your spouse on the experience day, a two hour photography session, and a $50 credit to a restaurant of your choice. Additional upgrades available.

The investment for the anniversary experience:


The Anniversary Experience