I grew into an affinity to the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love” in my middle and high school years. I was always captivated by this idea that humans just need love to flourish and thrive in this world. In that time of life, I thought of love as this fun, silly, emotional, intense, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. Love was sort of a whimsical whirlwind in my mind.

And then, I went to college, fell in love with a boy and married him. Ever since, the idea of love has much changed for me. I am still captivated by love in a similar sense to the way that I used to feel in high school, but my idea of love is much bigger and much more encompassing that I used to think of it. It’s less of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing and more like a I-choose-to-love-you-everyday- no-matter-what-thing. Love is bigger than any one of us.

I photograph weddings because ultimately I am a believer in love and I am a believer in the sanctity and beauty that we call marriage and the power that it holds to mold, change and shape lives.


the why:


As a wedding professional, I’m a believer in service. My part in a wedding day is not to interrupt, not to cause a scene, but to be a blessing to the couple and to tell the amazing wedding day through images that will last through generations.

I believe that service can come through in a multitude of ways. It means putting myself aside and helping the bride and groom make the wedding day everything that they had ever dreamed. The wedding day is never about me “getting the shot” unless it’s something the bride and groom have planned on their own. Sometimes service looks like carrying the bride’s bouquet for her as she makes her way to her next destination, sometimes it looks like finding her earrings or shoes for her when she’s getting ready. Sometimes, service means snapping that image of the tear falling from mom’s eye as she watches her daughter meet the groom at the altar.
For me, service doesn’t just happen on the wedding day. Service happens from the very beginning of my relationship with brides and grooms. I want to make sure that my clients are 100% informed of everything that goes on and happens from the initial meeting to the delivery of the wedding images. I also make myself and my wedding professional knowledge available to brides every step of the wedding planning process.

the how: